Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mini Valentinos

Valentino is one of the world's most renowned  luxury brands offering fashionable and couture items such as bags, shoes and accessories. Every woman would love to have a piece from their brand but as mothers, we also would love to have one for our daughters, don't you agree? So here's the great news! Valentino (inspired) shoes are now available in kids' sizes only at Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique.

Starting off, here are the famous Valentino Inspired Studded Shoes. These are available in various sizes from infant, toddler and child. The colors are red, black and pink. They all look beautiful! Black is for formal occasions, red is for fashionable outfits and pink looks pretty and dainty. What I'm trying to say is you can collect all of the colors because they all look gorgeous!

But if you are not much fond of closed shoes, here's another alternative, the Valentino-inspired Peep-Toe Sandals. They look as pretty but it's a sandals version for a more casual look. These are also available in three colors but this time it's pink, black and mint. Your little girl will be so happy to dress up like her Mom with these mini Valentino counterparts.

Isn't it beautiful to see your little girl wearing the same style of shoes that you are wearing? These are the perfect shoes for her! may it be the shoes or the sandals, we are sure your little girl will look absolutely fabulous! 

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