Sunday, July 27, 2014

High-low Dress

High-low skirts or dresses (also called mullet) has become a trend nowadays. With the front part of the skirt shorter than the back, it doesn't fail to catch attention and make a statement. Not only women of any age can wear it, even our little girls can rock it too! Take a look at our High-Low Crochet Lace Black & White Dress from Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique.

Stunning isn't it? Your little girl will surely love flaunting this gorgeous dress. It's also comfortable too because of the chiffon fabric. Available from 18 months up to 14 years of age, the stocks for this dress is only limited so you better order one now for only $35.85 at our website.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Black Lace Skirt

Another one of our favorite wardrobe staple is a black skirt. Adults and even young ones should have at least one in their closet. A piece of black skirt can go a long way.. from dressing casually to formal gatherings, it is always appropriate. And look what we have here from Cool Kids Bklyn, say hello to this Black lace Mini Flower Skirt which looks adorable with  a plain white top as worn in the photos.

You can pair it with sneakers for a dress-down look or a pair of shiny flats for a more elegant one. Whatever it is, looks like your little girl will enjoy wearing it. It is available from sizes 2-3 up to 9-10 for only $22. Hurry! Stocks are limited and everyone is loving it. Go check out our website today.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pearl Bow Headband

Hello everyone! Remember the elegant dress we showed you last time? We have the perfect headpiece to pair with it. Because the dress has pearls as accent, we just think it's best to have a headband with pearls all over too!

Look at this Oversized Pearl and Crystal Bow Headband. You will instantly fall in love once you see it. The intricate details will show you that is made of good quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. What we also love is its big size. It looks pretty and eye-catching once worn by your little girl. 

Doesn't it look adorable? It's really a beautiful piece which will match any kind of dress in your little girl's wardrobe. It costs only $21 at our website so you better check it out now before stocks run out.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Classy in Black and White

When we think of the word classy, the first colors that will come in mind would be black and white. Nothing looks more elegant than a  black and white combination matched with pearls to complete the look. And guess what, there is a beautiful dress which embodies all of these.

Say hello to this Dalmatian Elegant Pearl Necklace Sleeveless Dress from Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique.

At first look, you wouldn't think that it is a dress for little girls because it looks stunning like a ladies' dress. But can you imagine how cute they will be when they wear this? This has to be one of my favorite pieces! The curve lines design on the skirt is so pretty as well as the pear accent on the upper part of the dress. It is available from sizes 2-3yrs up to 7-8yrs and costs $39.99. For special events or if you just want to dress up your little girl, this is the perfect dress!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Rairis Fine Jewelry

A look will never be complete without accessories but ordinary accessories usually fade easily and some are not even made of good quality materials. Don't you just wish there are fine jewelries available for your little ones? Well this might be the answer.. Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique proudly introduces our line of jewelries called Rairies Fine Jewelry. These tiny treasures will surely make your little girls sparkle and look more cute!

Let's  take a look at some of the earrings from the first collection:
Crystal Hoop Earrings

Infinity Earrings

Minnie Mouse Earrings
Pink Butterfly Earrings

These are just some of the designs in our first collection,. The hoop earrings look elegant. The infinity earrings also look pretty and what can be any cuter than the Minnie Mouse and flower designs? It will make you want to collect them all!

What we love about these earrings is that they are safe to the baby's sensitive skin. They are hypoallergenic, 18K Gold-filled, nickle-free and has undergone the 5 step bonding process for lifelong use. It is suitable for children from 0 to 36 months. Also, another thing to love is its back screw design which is convenient and safe to use.  

Such a great new item from Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique right? Head over to our website before stocks run out :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mini Valentinos

Valentino is one of the world's most renowned  luxury brands offering fashionable and couture items such as bags, shoes and accessories. Every woman would love to have a piece from their brand but as mothers, we also would love to have one for our daughters, don't you agree? So here's the great news! Valentino (inspired) shoes are now available in kids' sizes only at Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique.

Starting off, here are the famous Valentino Inspired Studded Shoes. These are available in various sizes from infant, toddler and child. The colors are red, black and pink. They all look beautiful! Black is for formal occasions, red is for fashionable outfits and pink looks pretty and dainty. What I'm trying to say is you can collect all of the colors because they all look gorgeous!

But if you are not much fond of closed shoes, here's another alternative, the Valentino-inspired Peep-Toe Sandals. They look as pretty but it's a sandals version for a more casual look. These are also available in three colors but this time it's pink, black and mint. Your little girl will be so happy to dress up like her Mom with these mini Valentino counterparts.

Isn't it beautiful to see your little girl wearing the same style of shoes that you are wearing? These are the perfect shoes for her! may it be the shoes or the sandals, we are sure your little girl will look absolutely fabulous! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Very Vogue

Very VOGUE! That’s the first thing that will come to your mind when you see this lovely dress from Cool Kids Bklyn Boutique. This Stunning Lace Crochet Peter Pan Collar Chiffon Dress looks beautiful beyond words. Pair it with our Valentino-inspired shoes and it will look more fabulous. Every Mom
will agree with me.

We are also loving the crochet peter pan collar which looks sweet and dainty. Most likely, it will make a comeback next season. The prints on the dress is very dynamic and artistic, that’s why it looks very Vogue don’t you think? This dress is being sold for $39.99. The smallest size for this dress is 2-3 years and the biggest is 8-9 years. The stocks are very limited so get this fabulous dress now before stocks run out! Visit our website for more fashionable items for your little girls.